Cricut Joy™ App - Vinyl

Cricut Joy™ App – Vinyl

Make An E-Card For Different Purposes

You can make an e-card for different occasions and purposes. These electronic cards are excellent tools to use for personal greeting or for company function.

Creative Photo Cropping

I. INTRODUCTION In this technique, I’d like to show you how I use scanned images or paint with artistic brushes to creatively crop photographs.

5 Characteristics of an Excellent Logo

There are certain elements that can turn a logo memorable and popular among the consumers. A logo needs to be simple, easy to understand, adaptable and relevant to the company that it represents.

Adjusting Shadows And Highlights

IN ADDITION to using Curves and Levels to correct the tonality of your photographs, you can also play with the Shadows/Highlights feature to help recover details in the shadow and highlight areas of a backlit image.

Twisting the Kaleidoscope

A KALEIDOSCOPE IS a mirrored tube, often filled with tiny colored objects, that fragments and aligns a view of those objects at regular angled intervals, thereby creating a wonderful multipart, mirrored image. In other words, the kaleidoscopic image is a symmetrical pattern created from duplicating a slice of an image at regular intervals.

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