Cricut Joy™ App - Insert Cards

Cricut Joy™ App – Insert Cards

Creating a Photorealistic Vue Render

E-On Software’s Vue is the pinnacle of achievement in producing believable, realistic 3D Environments for film, TV and Art. One of the keys to creating a believable Vue render is the lighting and atmosphere. I generally use the Vue lighting setting of “GR” or Global Radiosity in my Vue renders as this does lend to more realistic Vue renders, a good realistic Vue Atmosphere is truly the key to the most photorealistic render. This creates the correct light color bounce from various objects in the scene, which can be tweaked and adjusted using the various settings within the Vue Atmosphere Editor. If you are using one of my Vue atmospheres, they come optimally set to give you the utmost realism in your renders, if you change these settings be careful not to save the atmosphere back over the original file.

Minimalism Redux

I recently attended a DITA Rockstars webinar sponsored by easyDITA. The guest speaker was JoAnn T.

Graphic Designing – What Lies Ahead For The Designer’s Post 2013?

With businesses getting more global and Internet-friendly, website logos and designs need a lot of attention. If the visitors are not impressed by your website, chances of success and profit will be low. Only a good website graphics designer can take your business to its zenith.

In Appreciation of the Pencil Drawing

An artist using a pencil learns to hear what language the pencil voices the moment the fingertips touch the pencil. What weight does this remarkable little tool carry? The artist then consciously records this into his creation algorithm; next the fingers wrap around and take their hold, another milestone. This point of connection is one of the pivotal points of the drawing about to unfold. Feeling how the pencil feels in the fingers, an understanding of how this pencil dances emerges. The language is now understood.

D.K. Osorio An Exposed Soul, Working in the Shadows

DK Osorio is an artist who works primarily in pen & ink and oil paint, but has been branching out recently into photography. She lives in Northern California.

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