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Modern Cartoonist: The Art Of Daniel Clowes

The Art of Daniel Clowes, the cartoonist who created Ghost World and Art School Confidential is currently on display at the Oakland Museum of California. Don’t miss it, he does great work, and the museum-which was recently renovated-is fantastic.

A Peak Into the Olympic Sculpture Park

The Seattle Art Museum Olympic Park is an impressive free entry, nine acres open space designed to exhibit art. It holds over 20 outdoor sculptures encouraging admirers to see and interact with the pieces in person under natural light amongst a beautiful, outdoor setting.

The World Is Flat!

There is really no one out there on your computer, in your community, or in the strata of heaven than can make you draw. YOU have to make YOU want to draw. THEN the teacher will appear. Drawing is a demanding skill. It takes some doing, but, will the will to learn and a good instructor, you can do it. Drawing is very rewarding as a personal expressive experience.

Pencil Drawing

Pencil drawing is one of the oldest modes of fine art, which plays a vital role in creating the other styles of art such as water colour and oil painting. It is the reflection of the visual art and a specialty in itself. Painting or drawing is the branch of the fine art and the artists usually practice the art of drawing as the mode of visual expression.

Abstract Art: Why Is It So Popular?

Of all the art forms in the world, abstract art is probably one of the most commonly misunderstood. When it comes to this kind of art, one is likely to come across two groups of people who view such art in completely different perspectives.

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