Cricut Joy™ - Add Greeting to an Insert Card

Cricut Joy™ – Add Greeting to an Insert Card

Marketing a Technical Illustrator Services Online

Self-promotion is one difficult tedious task to do especially if you are just starting. First of all, a technical illustrator needs to create an online portfolio. You need to either make use of free websites and blog sites or buy your own domain and hosting.

What to Do and Avoid in Creating Emblem Designs

The emergence of the Internet has helped a number of individuals particularly businessmen. It has provided an avenue where they can advertise their products or services to a wide range of audience. Moreover, it also allows businesses to expand its scope and market coverage.

Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe was a sensation, and her charisma continues much longer than her life. Though she featured in a million photographs and a thousand portraits, one of the most celebrated works on her continues to be the Andy Warhol series. Colour affects mood, character and appearance, and in no place is that more obvious than these creations.

Metal Plaques Provide Instant Status

Modern or ancient, metal plaques provide instant status. Metal is one of the hardest substances known to mankind. If a message is worth telling, it can stay affixed to a building for a long time to come with a plaque fabricated from metal.

The Psychology of Digital Graphic Images: Technical Illustration and Communicating Messages

Technical illustration and digital graphic designing are great tools you may use for transmitting and communicating information. Graphics have been the one of the earliest forms of communicating and storing information as you may have seen in ancient caves.

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