Cricut Halloween Mystery Box

Cricut Halloween Mystery Box

Investing in Original Paintings

Current available census data tells us there are about 109 million housing units in the United States. Based on the average square footage in a residential unit and the average amount of wall space, and guessing at how much art would dress an average wall, I arrive at a rough estimation that there are about six billion paintings, photographs, and other decorative items on display in homes across America. i would assume an estimated 4 billion paintings, decorative items for the united kingdom.

Directed Drawing and Creativity

Drawing is a skill that can be taught. The same as we have a framework for writing there can also be a framework for drawing. When this framework is applied it will allow the student to gain skills that will move the student in the direction of becoming an artist. In the case of drawing the steps are quite simple. If a person can draw circles, squares and triangles then they can draw just about anything that they can see. The trick is to learn the steps and sequences.

Art Easels – Putting it on the Table

If you want to create art such as paintings or drawings, you are probably wondering if you should get an easel. This decision is completely up to you, but easels can help your creativity to flow more smoothly. If you do want one, you may be wondering what kind you should get. Being faced with so many options can be overwhelming.

Chainsaw Art – More Than a Lumberjack Pastime

Chainsaw art…need I say more. A compelling, yet fast growing art, which employs the technology of a chainsaw, and the ancient style of woodworking. More importantly, this art evolved since the beginning in the 1950’s, and has now been a prominent, yet fascinating art that’s captured the eyes of many.

The Art of Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman

The portrait art of Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman tell stories through symbolism and mystery that compel one to look more deeply into the complexity of the female as well as the art itself. Both artists explore haunting dream worlds of physical/emotional pain, confinement, graphic moroseness, sensual/sexual identities, and stereotypical women roles. Together their art compels the viewer to compare and to question which artist is more successful at breaking free from their inner imprisonment.

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