CRICUT FOR BEGINNERS: Where to Start [everything you need to know]

CRICUT FOR BEGINNERS: Where to Start [everything you need to know]

Know More About the Ancient Greek Sculptures

There are three distinct periods within the history of ancient Greek statues: Archaic, classical and Hellenistic. Most of the traditional Greek art statues were formed out of marble or bronze and were monuments to the form of the body. They’re considered ethnically important because of the way the Greeks captured the stories of their gods, heroes, traditions and culture in ancient sculptures gallery.

How to Draw Zapdos

The famous video games and animation series Pokemon, by Nintendo, is the second most successful game in the world. From the time it was first launched in 1996, its popularity has been ever growing. It came to become a rage among the children, teenagers, and game-lovers alike. Of the 493 species of Pokemon, Zapdos is a legendary flight bird, inspired from the ‘thunderbird.’ It has characteristic black and yellow spiky feathers.

What to Look For When Buying Canvas Art For Sale

The luxury of going to an art gallery is to see the expressionist of the artists. Canvas art is one of the many styles that will be on display. When searching canvas art for sale, you will be amazed at the varying forms of canvas art that is available.

How to Draw Phineas

Drawing cartoons and caricatures is quite an art in itself. Other than some minor tweaks, you cannot alter much in terms of the spirit with which their inventors brought them to the public. We are here to help you recreate the lovely character of Phineas from the famous television animation series ‘Disney’s Phineas and Ferb,’ on your drawing board. The job may appear tough, but this easy-to-follow tutorial will make it a cakewalk for you. At the end of the following systematic guide, you will have drawn Phineas in standing position:

Art on Canvas Can Come Alive

Life can be such a beautiful thing. Artists have long struggled to capture the beauty of life in their work. Many artists have been successful at that task. Some of these artists are known, some will be known soon, and some will never be known. They use all types of mediums to express this beauty like sculpture and painting.

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