Cricut Foil Transfer System Q&A

Cricut Foil Transfer System Q&A

Realistic Pencil Drawings

The trending art topic at the moment is realistic pencil drawings. Hyper-realistic pencil drawings have emerged as a label that realistic pencil drawings encompass.

The Magic of Visuals With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has been a subject of discussion among the scientific articles and developer’s forum for quite some time now. Many interpretations of AR have described it in a wide variety of ways and things. But, for a generic view and understanding, augmented reality or AR is a technology which allows a person to view the virtually created images, both static and in motion in a natural environment. For example, depictions of things which are impossible to see in real life like the interior of an engine or the magnetic field of the earth.

The Art of Freelancing, Putting Your Creative Skills to Work

If you have creative talents, and are well versed in any design programs such as Photoshop; You’re leaving money on the table. Freelance work is easier to find, do, and get paid for than ever with the internet. Learn the ways to network, find well paying work, and climb the ranks. Become your own boss, and work on your own terms.

Pencil Art Drawings As a Birthday Gift

Drawing is not a new concept; it has been an old elegant fashion of expressing things within a visual form. Pencil art drawings, since ages, are one of the impressive forms of visual expression that transform the luster of a thing or an object. There are quite a several procedures or approaches of pencil drawings…

How to Draw Cartoons, Even If You Cannot Draw a Simple Straight Line

Many youngsters and also people who are not so young dream about creating beautiful cartoons. But once their daydream is over, they start thinking in practical terms and themselves kill their dreams, thinking that it was an impossible dream because “I can’t even draw a simple straight line correctly let alone complex cartoons”. Here I would like to say this is not the way one should think if they really want to make beautiful cartoons.

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