Cricut Flash Sale! & Elf Snow Angel

Cricut Flash Sale! & Elf Snow Angel

Let’s Draw Step by Step

Do you like to draw objects? If you ask me, I will say, yes I like it very much. Fortunately, you like it too. It is a really entertaining activity. You can express your feeling through your creation.

How to Create Stained Glass Designs and Put Them in Your House

Discover why stained glass designs can make your house have a more appealing artistic feel. I’ll teach you how to create a piece of stained glass art and make it look unique.

Art and Technology

Can the drive-by viewing of art through technology decrease the number of patrons to museums and art galleries? Walking through an exhibition gives the viewer a true appreciation for the artist’s total vision and execution of his subject.

Tips to Draw Hair Correctly

There are many usual mistakes that are made by people when they draw hair. Sometimes people will ignore this part. Actually it is an important part in drawing people, especially the head and hair.

Learn the Beauty of Photoshop Painting

When we say painting, we mean applying paint and other pigment color to a surface or support base. Support for painting surfaces can be walls, canvas, paper, glass, clay, wood, or concrete which may be decorated in whatever style you want.

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