Cricut Flash Sale & Cricut Access Explained

Cricut Flash Sale & Cricut Access Explained

The Wonderful Art World of Sand Sculpting

Whether it is a child on the beach creating a sand castle or a group of professional sand sculptors replicating a famous landmark, the end result is always a work of art. To admire the fantasy and beauty of sand sculpture art, take a look at these photographs.

Giclee Printing on Canvas Offers Beautiful Art Pieces For Everyone

For those that have long considered purchasing art prints but weren’t ready to settle for paper prints, giclee printing on canvas offers a solution. These canvas prints will look amazing and anyone that sees them will wonder where you got them and will assume that you’ve spent a fortune on them.

Turning Children’s Artwork Into Canvas Prints

It seems like every child goes through phases where their artwork grows by leaps and bounds. One day they are drawing lines and scribbles, and the next day they are drawing people and landscapes. All parents love to show off their child’s artwork, and what better way to do so than using canvas prints of their favorites?

Scanning Artwork

Scanning is quick and easy to do, provided your artwork fits your scanner. Most home scanners are A4 size, but artwork can often be larger than A4. The aim of this article is to provide some tips on scanning A3, or A2 artwork using an A4 scanner.

Why Licensed Artists Can Network More Readily Than Sponge Manufacturers

When it comes to art, what we offer is very different and unique. No two artists will paint in exactly the same way. So there is no need to fear networking with others in the industry but rather embrace it as a way to learn, feel connected and keep your finger on the pulse of the art licensing industry.

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