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How to Prepare Various Surfaces For Airbrush Art

When you start an airbrush art project, you will first need to prep the surface. The prep work that you do will be determined by what kind of surface you will be airbrushing. The prep work to the surface will ensured that the paint sticks to the surface and that nothing is interfering with the airbrushed design.

Why You Should Learn Micro Airbrush Art

Micro Airbrushing is an important skill for all airbrush artists. Being able to do micro airbrushing will allow the artist to create a more realistic and more exhaustive detail on all small areas of their airbrush design. It is in these small areas that a great amount of artist miss the opportunity to really define the particulars because they are unable to fully generate the detailed area.

Native American Art Auctions – Art Antiques

Whether traditional or modern, Native American artwork is both highly collectible and universally appealing. Native American art forms the basis of many exemplary public, along with private, art collections.

Carracci Paintings

Annibale Carracci is a hugely famous Italian baroque artist who produced the majority of his best work in the 16th century. As with many Baroque artists of the time Carracci painted frescos commonly with religious themes which has not really been continued into the modern day, and certainly not to the standard that the greatest Baroque artists achieved.

How to Get Inspiration For Your Airbrush Art

Sometimes when attempting to come up with designs your mind can go blank. You find you cannot produce a design for a certain project.

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