Cricut Explore: Everything You Need to Get (And What You Don't!) - Cricut Kickoff Day #2

Cricut Explore: Everything You Need to Get (And What You Don’t!) – Cricut Kickoff Day #2

Architectural Modeling and Resources

Architectural models tend to be large, that is, contain a high number of faces and vertices. It is imperative that you develop good modeling habits to minimize the complexity of your models. Try to avoid becoming obsessive about a high degree of accuracy.

Production Tools in 3D Modeling

Several features are built into new 3D Applications as great enhancements to productivity, but they are often overlooked or not fully utilized. Some of these productivity tools are Snap Settings and Grid Helpers.

Avoid Walkthroughs in 3D Modeling

Avoid walkthroughs? What sacrilege! One of the reasons you got involved in 3D modeling in the first place was because you could do walkthroughs.

Avoid Complex Models in 3D Modeling

Needless to say,in the amazing 3D Modeling and animation world, each face and each vertex in a model require computer resources to store and process. The more complex the model becomes the less RAM is available for rendering.

Attractive CD Cover Design to Allure Customers

Disk duplication is a process which involves copying the content of master disk to several other disks. It is the same method of copying disk which we use at home but unlike CD duplication services, we can not copy the entire data from one to numerous disks simultaneously. Disk duplication services are in great demand with music composers, software developers, video game designers and advertising agencies.

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