Cricut Explore AIr 2 for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

Cricut Explore AIr 2 for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

From Thumbtacks to Frames – Displaying Your Posters

Posters, art prints and other large-medium pieces have special requirements in order to best display them. This articles discusses the pros and cons of several methods, from the cheapest thumb tacks to the priciest frames, and everything in between. Consideration must be given to cost, protection, integrity and visual appeal.

How to Paint Your Own Abstract Art Painting

Have you ever thought to yourself “I sure would like to make a painting; it’s too bad I can’t paint!” Most people have this thought when they try to imagine themselves painting something that is a realistic as a photograph. It probably stems from when they were younger and used to like to paint, and then they tried painting something very realistic and found it was difficult, and then declared “I cannot paint!”

What Do You Need to Know to Hire a Sculptor?

When going to look at possible sculptors and their work, you need a clear idea of what you want to say about your home, you, or your business. There are many variables and opportunities, but you need to see these variables and opportunities through the filter of your needs. The worst thing is to get talked into something that is hard to back out of later, as a complete sculpture. Upfront communication is key here.

Concept Architecture

To all avid design architects looking for a methodology to harness the power of technology with out the back breaking pain of what technology normally dishes out on large projects. A new era has dawned on the development of virtual design. The old methods of using ‘bumf’ or architectural paper as I know of it overlaying paper plans and sketching with pencil, still features highly.

Dental Office Marketing Design – Try Disney and Warner Brothers Art to Decorate Your Practice Halls

It’s really amazing how many works of dental related art there are. There have been many primitive artists and pop artists who have created dental works of art over the years.

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