Cricut Explore 3 & Maker 3: Everything You Want to Know About Cricut's New Cutting Machines!

Cricut Explore 3 & Maker 3: Everything You Want to Know About Cricut’s New Cutting Machines!

Drawing Cartoons For Beginners – 7 Things Every Artist Should Know

Drawing cartoons is a fun, and creative exercise that can lead to an entire career in comics and animation. Whether you’re doodling in a sketchbook, or working on a large pad in a life drawing class, there are 7 things you need to know about drawing cartoons.

Videos and Digital Data – Visually Informational

Video is used to capture frames of still motion together in order to create a moving slide show. Many enjoy the look and they like the still picture, but can learn and appreciate more from full motion.

Cinema 4D Landscape

What could be more seductive than being able to create reality then bend it to your own vision? In our media world we see animated characters, funny bouncy text in our commercials and banners, but creating your own world can be the most intriguing invitation from your 3D graphics applications. Let’s meet landscape.

Marketing Ideas For Artists, Part Two – 8 Tips on How to Use the Internet to Get Your Art Noticed

Start a blog. This must be one of the top ways advocated for artists or any business for that matter to reappear in peoples inboxes without actually “selling” them something.

3D Applications and Virtual Camera

Top, front, left, right, back, bottom, and isometric (a kind of angled bird’s eye view) are all different angles from which a model can be viewed. Since there are lines converging, objects appear the same size whether they are close or far away. The advantages of this sort of viewpoint include the ease in which you can align objects. However, one orthographic view by itself is fairly useless because you cannot tell depth.

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