Cricut Explore 3 – Launch Your Creative Spark

Cricut Explore 3 – Launch Your Creative Spark

Spend Quality Time on 3D Lighting

Spend quality time on lighting, as good lighting can bring the most boring of models and textures to life, or it can kill the most vibrant of designs. Again, render often here. During the lighting phase, you may find that the mood lighting you use is dulling the colors of the textures, so be sure to adjust the textures.

Carving Out 3D Modeling Basics

When somebody qualifies a digital character design as “excellent”, it can be so in a lot of ways: 1) It is just a good design, 2) he carefully used the same shape for all parts of the body, and 3) this same shape is composed of some very simple geometric three-dimensional elements. Because he carefully designed the character, he already has a great idea of how to construct the character.

Creating Perfect 3D Models

I have seen many friends spend so much time creating perfect models that they never get around to texturing or animating the model, and end up with a portfolio full of models but no finished projects. Will the backside of the model ever be seen?

The Power of 3D Groups

Even more powerful is the ability in many programs to make duplicates that are mirror figures of the original. This cuts the modeling time in half for many objects like the human body that are essentially symmetrical in composition. When duplicating objects, 3D applications create another object that is a clone of the original; this includes all the polygons that make up the object.

Building a 3D Project

Now with all those definitions laid out in a linear fashion, I am going to tell you how the 3D creation process is anything but linear. We find a quasi-linear nature of the 3D process. The first step to a 3D project is to plan, plan, plan. I know, everyone wants to jump in and get started right away, which is an important thing to do when just beginning in 3D, but sooner or later, you will want to actually create an entire project. In my experience, every hour spent developing effective plans for a project saves 10 hours in actual production time. A large part of the planning process involves numerous drawings.

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