Cricut Explore 3 for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

Cricut Explore 3 for Beginners: Unbox, Setup, & First Cut! (CRICUT KICKOFF Day #1)

5 Designs You Can Learn From a Video Origami Tutorial

What better way to learn paper folding than by watching an origami tutorial in video form? You don’t have to pore over boring paragraphs or decipher instructions. All you have to do is sit back as a digital video manual like Easy Origami Videos show you how to fold the most popular designs step by step.

Why Buy a Sculpture?

Sculpture can bring a missing element to the interior or exterior of your home or business. Sometimes this missing element is physical: like a central point of interest to a room or garden, or maybe a tangible symbol of one or more of your values or special causes. Sculpture can also bring a room into a sharper focus by introducing tranquility, thoughtfulness, a general feeling of apprehension, etc. A lot of the time both a physical element and a sharper focus or feeling can both be accommodated by a sculpture.

Art Expert – How You Can Look Like an Expert in Art Without Having an Expertise?

This article describes how you can make a good impression on your friends or other visitors when coming to a public place connected with art (like museum or picture gallery). It contains several simple, but helpful tips that can be used even you know absolutely nothing about art.


RBG and CMYK are two of the most popular color spaces. Just about everything uses either one of these color modes. A few examples are your computer monitor (RGB) and anything printed from an offset printer (CMYK).

How to Make a Comic Book

Ever wanted to make a comic book? This is the guide for you! So take a breath, ready yourself, and take the first step to seeing your vision brought to life!

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