Cricut DIY Flip Calendar | Melody Lane

Cricut DIY Flip Calendar | Melody Lane

A Guide to Selling Prints of Your Artwork

Ever wanted to try and turn your art into money? One of the best ways to make some money from your own original art or photography is to have high quality prints made that you can sell for a fraction of the cost of the original. Here is a guide to the dos and don’ts of selling your own art prints.

How Modern Artists Work the Fantasy to Inflate Prices

Jeff Koons has become the most expensive artist in the world. His rise coincides with a shift in purpose for the global art industry. Previously it was fair, carefully balanced by the experience and knowledge of connoisseurs and gallery directors. Works of art were evaluated by people who could appreciate the talent required to create them and the meaning behind them. Now however, the art market is little more than a Ponzi scheme.

Advantages of Wooden Photo Frames

Wooden photo frames can be found in every home across the globe; there are many advantages to using wooden picture frames instead of metal frames or (god forbid) plastic photo frames. Wooden frames offer so much more in terms of aesthetic appeal than their metal or plastic counterparts. Wooden frames definitely have a more ‘rustic’ warm feeling about them than colder metal frames made out of materials such as aluminium.

Learn to Draw Cartoons – The Resources That You Can Use

Some artistic individuals learn to draw cartoons simply by watching and studying. These lucky guys can look at a cartoon, figure out the basic shapes within the design, and reconstruct the exact cartoon with their own tools.

Negative Space: Art and Law of Attraction

In art, there is a concept called negative space. Negative space is the space around an object that defines it; it is the shape of the object. When you take art or drawing classes you learn to look at the shape of the space around something.

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