Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

India – Other Parts

Now, time to explore the north-east, central west and southern parts of India. Put your next step forward and move with me…

Indian Art

Unity in diversity — a very common phrase about India. India is very much diverse in its art and culture but still so much united that you can see the footsteps of Indian diverse art in every part of the country.

What is Fine Art Giclee And How Do You Find Giclee Prints For Sale?

Giclee fine art is a new genre of art form that has been established in the past two decades. Hence, many art enthusiast are now just discovering it. In this article, I will explain what fine art giclee is and how one can find it.

Learn How to Draw Fast Cars Quickly!

I have always been fascinated by fast car sketches and had always told myself that if I wanted to know how to draw fast cars then I would have to learn, but I knew it would be a challenge for me as I was fully aware that I could not draw. Well that was until I discovered a great resource that taught me how to draw fast cars in a simple step by step guide.

Drawing – The Heart and Soul of Art

Let’s keep things simple – if you don’t draw you are missing out on the most fundamental and creative aspect of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you draw as a starting point to other things or if you use as a record, or even if it as a form of expression in own right.

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