Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

What Not to Do With A Company Logo Design

If you’re designing a logo, many of the things you shouldn’t do can be extrapolated from lists of those that you should. If you should keep it simple, you know that you ‘shouldn’t’ make it complicated.

Unusual Autocad Commands That Make Creating Car Graphics Easy

Autocad was originally designed as a drafting program for both architecture and mechanical engineering. It is a vector based program which means that it works and thinks in lines rather than dots like raster based programs. There have been other articles written on getting started with Autocad so this article will confine itself to the more unusual commands in the creation of car graphics.

Sculpture Carvings by Oaxaca Wood Carving Artisans Explored

Sculpture carvings by Oaxaca wood carving experts have actually been around for centuries. It’s just the way that indigenous peoples of this isolated region of Southern Mexico pronounced “wa-ha-ka” created so many of the things that were used in their day to day lives.

Visual Artists – How to Deal With Criticism of Your Artwork by Artists and Those Dear to You

Sometimes we experience growing pains as artists when we receive feedback from others who may be friends, family, or other artists. How we consider and respond to that criticism will effect our personal growth.

The Life and Works of Auguste Rodin

How many sculptors can you name? Artists are easy, but although there are many famous and recognizable statues and sculptures, the men and women who created them are typically far less well known. One major exception is Rodin, but did you know that many of his famous works all came from a single design?

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