Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Valerino Dominguez Becquer – A Versatile Fine Artist From Spain

Spanish painter, illustrator, and cartoonist Valeriano Dominguez Becquer was born on December 15, 1833, in Sevilla. While his father was a famous painter and poet Jose Dominguez Becquer (1810-41), one of his younger siblings included the painter Gustavo Adolfo Becquer (1836-70). During his early days, Valeriano learnt the techniques of fine arts from his father and his Spanish artist Antonio Cabral Bejarano (1798-1861). At the tender age of eight years, Valeriano lost his father.

Add a Flare to Your Home With Stained Glass Designs

Discover how to easily create stained glass designs that will stand of from the crowd. Learn how to make the designs have an extra flare and piazzas to them.

Banksy Canvas Prints – Who is Banksy?

A short discussion on Banksy and the growth in the canvas prints market showing some of the pieces of art attributed to him. Just who is Banksy and where does he come from?

Bristol’s Best Art

Although only about 169 kilometers west of London’s city limits, Bristol has a look and feel entirely of its own. Nestled alongside the River Avon, Bristol is synonymous with culture, showmanship and particularly visual arts. Bristol’s best art exhibits and museums provide a major draw for holiday makers from national and international locales.

Tips on Calligraphy Writing

Calligraphy is not simply writing but more a type of stylized writing. It is important that a beginner understand this concept well to calligraphy write the letters. It is a process of putting different letters together to form a perfectly patterned and well placed set of angles and letters.

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