Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

3D Texture Map Creation

Probably the most widely used method of texture map creation is done from photographs or other stock figures. The Web runneth over with collections of textures of every genre imaginable. Most of these figures are royalty free and can be used however you see fit.

Most 3D Programs Have A Default Lighting Setup

Most programs have a default lighting setup. Sometimes this setup consists of lots of ambient light and a global light or two originating from the camera. This sort of setup is great to model with, but has the emotional impact of a cheap doorknob.

Expanding the 3D Maps

The most natural thing to do with this newly created seamless map is to use it as the color. To keep track of the various maps being created, save this file as “asphaltcolor.tif.” Some renderings are nice, but the shapes look like painted plastic.

How to Draw in 3D – 3 Simple Techniques You Can Use

If you love drawing, you may be exploring a lot of techniques as well as mediums that allow you to showcase your talent. Drawing cartoons for example is one fun way to use your love for drawings and can also be a profitable venture. You can also draw paintings, comic strips or even three-dimensional drawings.

Texturing 3D Surfaces

Recently, I visited a painter friend of mine and noticed a “Peanuts” cartoon strip tacked to the wall. On the next visit, he had a banana peel tacked in the same spot. The visit after that he had a postcard of another artist tacked to the same place. Upon examining the postcard further, I realized it and all the other objects there had been painted on the wall in trompe l’oeil.

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