Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane

Bad Car Drawings Are Caused by Bad Planning!

A drawing can be ruined, even before touching the paper! The choice of a reference photograph to use as the basis of the drawing is one of the most important elements in creating a great rendering. Consider these points when choosing a photograph:

Western Art – ‘Kilroy Was Here’ – A Momentous Symbol of the US Army

Originated around World War II (1939-45) and Korean War (1950-53), ‘Kilroy was here’ is an American culture expression, often displayed in graffiti (name given to images or letters written in any manner on property). This phrase is framed differently in different countries, such as in Australia the character peeping over a wall is called ‘Foo,’ ‘Sapo’ in Chile, ‘El Fisgon’ in Mexico, and in the U.K., it is called ‘Chad.’

Capture Precious Moments in Photo Birth Announcements

It is great to notify your friends and relatives using photo birth announcements the arrival of the newest member of the family. A cool backdrop and the little one’s mood are of vital importance here. Precious moments with your babies will never come back and are hard to recover once they have passed.

Near Eastern Painting – Nakshi Kantha – The Beautiful Art of Bangladesh

The word ‘Nakshi’ has been derived from the Bengali word ‘Naksha’ meaning intricate patterns. According to the writer Niaz Zaman the word ‘Kantha’ was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Kontha,’ which means rags. Kantha actually is made of rags. A book called ‘Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita,’ written by Krishnadas Kaviraj, was probably the first book written about Kantha, some 500years ago.

Far Eastern Art – Chinese Folk Art – The Cultural Versatility

Chinese Folk Art – The Concept Folk Art is a part of a country’s cultural heritage. It is a creative form, regional communities or ethnic groups inherit within a country. It is very different from Fine arts because the Folk Artists are not academically trained. They acquire their skills as a legacy and develop it under the guidance of their ancestors.

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