Using Limitations to Be More Creative

How to use limitations and restrictions to your advantage in order to think more creatively. Turn problems around in order to discover new ideas, concepts, and processes.

Africa’s Health Art

Healing and art have a very close relationship in Africa. Art in forms of painting, carving, and drawing have illustrated and empowered African health practices for centuries on the continent. Masks, posters, murals, even caskets are the media of the art.

Great Websites for Artists to Share and Sell Artwork

There are many websites available now where you can share and sell your artwork and photography, and here I will discuss some of the bigger ones. These sites offer many different opportunities for you to start making money from your artwork, and I am a member of many of these sites myself. The more different sites you join in which you share and list your work, means more possible opportunities you can gain for attracting potential viewers and buyers.

Will 3D Printing Revive American Manufacturing?

It seems a bold or even ridiculous statement that 3D printing will revive American manufacturing but this statement has come from Forbes magazine so it is worth paying attention. The magazine says that as soon as 2015 through to 2025 3D printing could be the transformative technology.

Modern Mixed Media Art

The origins of mixed media painting are in the late Victorian years from around 1870 to 1914, referred to as “La Belle Epoque.” Translated from the French, this basically means “the beautiful age,” or “the gilded age.” Fast advances in science, technology as well as loosening social mores influenced artists of the time to explore unknown waters of creative expression.

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