Cricut Design Space Q&A

Cricut Design Space Q&A

Advantages Offered By Architectural and CAD Drafting

With the growing level of science and technology, more and more companies are turning completely to computer systems for any kind of work. CAD drafting is one of the outcomes of this techno-savvy period that has diverted the process of drafting to computer software.

5 Tips to Increase Readership for Artists Email Newsletters!

Now why would an artist need to send out a newsletter? Isn’t seeing the art enough? I’m not sure just when the fantasy of “paint it, and they will come” first gathered steam, but the savvy art marketer today knows that in order to build and keep a relationship with their audience/prospects, they need to stay in touch!

Tips for Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer

Let’s first assume two things. Number one, freelancers are, for the most part, honest, straightforward people. Number two, clients, are also mostly honest, straightforward people. However, everyone has had a bad experience at some point in their career. The designer wasn’t paid for work or the client didn’t receive a completed work product for which he/she already paid. To prevent another mishap when hiring a freelancer, consider these tips.

Painting Classes and Acrylic Painting

Los Angeles Painting Classes will give you the fundamental skills regarding art and the way to create your own personal distinctive artwork. One particular channel is acrylics. Acrylics are extremely flexible, fast-drying paints, and can be used directly from the tube just like oils or thinned along with water or a medium and used like watercolors.

Creative Photo Ideas for Canvas Printing

So you have a photo you would like to enlarge and print on canvas, but you would like to do something a little more creative? Here are a few ideas that may spark some creativity and inspiration.

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