Cricut Design Space Q&A with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Q&A with Melody Lane

Canvas Art Prints to Help Create Style in Your Home

Their are various ways to decorate your home. I am discussing the benefits canvas art prints can have during this process, and what options are out there when it comes to choosing a style.

The Legend and History of the Carving Art of Jepara

An expert in sculpture and painting, named Prabangkara lived in the Prabu Brawijaya period from Majapahit kingdom. Once upon a time, the king asked Prabangkara to create a painting of his queen as an expression of his love for the queen who was very beautiful and fascinating.

Airbrushing 101

Let’s start airbrushing. Well I wish it were that simple. Before any creative process can begin there are many things that must be addressed first.

How Can You Get an Introduction to Great Paintings?

Yes how can you get an introduction to great paintings is a question that confuses many art critics and artists alike in the beginning. Once you know what to look for and how to read into a painting then life becomes easier.

The Background of Western Style Carving

Basically, a classic furniture design, particularly in Europe was born from the power of human ambition to legitimize their social status. The presence of furniture design was used to present the image of the wearer, as well as the cultural image that grew amid the dynamics of society.

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