Cricut Design Space Q&A with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Q&A with Melody Lane

Color Shifts in Printed Materials

Have you ever had a set of business cards printed, and then a year later go back to the same exact printer with the same exact file and your next set of cards are a slightly different color? This article will help you understand the printing process better and why color shifts may occur.

Newsletter Printing – Use of Images & Paper

Newsletter printing – Use of images & Paper Use of Images in your printed newsletter – The 15 to 20 seconds you have to attract your reader is the total amount of time you have for both recognition and image. The graphic tools used for recognition are designed to encourage your prospect to open the publication and start skimming.

Optical Illusion Art – Is What You Get Really What You See?

Optical illusion art, also known as op art, is a mathematically-based genre that produces optical illusions. It uses the repetition of form and color to create moiré patterns that give rise to illusions. It also distorts our sense of depth, causing foreground-background confusion, as well as other perplexing effects.

African Artists’ Painting Inspiration

This article examines the inspiration for African artist’s subjects in their paintings. Specifically, we look at two artists who are based in Kenya, East Africa, who we know personally, and who have two very different ways of approaching their craft.

A Perspective on African Art Paintings – Artist Wycliffe Chagwi

African artist Wycliff Chagwi comes from the country of Kenya and is a character immersed in obvious talent. A solemn man, he is a self taught artist who gets his ideas for subjects from photographs and life that he sees in his country of Kenya on a day to day basis. He paints mostly rural children that he sees in the villages of Kenya.

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