Cricut Design Space Q&A

Cricut Design Space Q&A

Speed Up Your Artist Challenge – Dare to Learn to Draw

The artist who faces the challenge of drawing, will thrive under the guidance of an art teacher. If you are challenged in this way, and it keeps you from being the best artist you can be, by all means find an art teacher and learn how easy it is to actually draw.

Oil Paintings and Your Home

Art is one of the most distinctive aspects of humans and has been a part of existence for as long as humans have domesticated themselves inside some forms of shelter. It has been found on scribbled on walls in the ancient caves of Neanderthal man as well as carved into the ground by South American natives.

Mexican Silver Statues – What They Are

Mexico is popular for several reasons, and one of them is its silver, particularly the works made with it. These works come mostly from a town that hasn’t changed that much in the past half millennium when compared with most other places. This wonderful town is Taxco.

Using Framed Art Prints in Your Bathroom Decor

When it comes to the bathroom, there are many decorating approaches to choose from, and incorporating framed art prints into the decor can really pull that theme together. Whatever decorating style you go with, here are some great tips for using framed art prints in your bathroom decor.

Design is Not Art

Different designers will approach creative briefs differently, but all designers need to be good at listening to their clients. The best designers are the ones who are able to draw out the information that they need, even from reluctant clients in order to create elegant solutions to complex problems. That communication, between client and designer, is what separates art from design. Obviously there is territory where design strays into the realm of art and vice-versa. But at its heart, design is all about identifying and solving the creative brief.

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