Cricut Design Space Q&A

Cricut Design Space Q&A

Durer Paintings

Albrecht Durer is a famous German painter from Nuremburg who also was well known beyond just his oil paintings, with skills also as a printmaker and theorist too. Durer is seen by many as the most important artist in the Northern Renaissance, which refers to the Northern European stage of the rise of renaissance art, which had started in Italy and moved abroad to take in many countries such as Spain, France, Britain, Netherlands and Durer’s Germany.

Fantasy Art – Popular Or Academic?

Fantasy art pieces have always been interesting. They carry with them an air of mystery or amusement and are always conversation material among those who patronise the craft. While this art form may have some religious undertones, most of it is rather heavily influenced by folklore and mythology.

Starting a CG Career

Do you find Computer Graphics entertaining and beautiful? Do you want to learn some general tips on how to start your CG career? This article will help you plan your CG career and make you realize that learning CG is not as hard as it seems.

Powder Metallurgy – Basic Information

Powder metallurgy was formerly known as lost art. Not like clay or other stoneware materials, the skills in molding and firing useful and ornamental metallic objects were seldom applied in the early phases of history.

A Northern British Artist’s View of Life and Work in the Mill Towns

Life was particularly tough for the people working in the mills of northern England at the beginning of the twentieth century. Lowry was able to portray this beautifully in a collection of paintings over many years.

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