Cricut Design Space Q&A

Cricut Design Space Q&A

Custom Picture Framing Vs Store-Bought Or Standard Frames – Which and When to Choose

Custom framing is not the same as buying a store-bought, standard size frame. Certain types of art should always be handled by a professional and it’s important to know when that is the case. Research should be done and some basic questions asked when looking for a custom framer in your area. The following information and guidelines should help you in making your decision about purchasing “off the shelf” or using a professional.

Bronze Sculptures Are Gaining Ground As the Art Investment of Choice Among Collectors

Prices for fine art bronze sculptures are steadily increasing even in the current economic climate. A new world record for a piece of art was recorded in February at the Sotheby’s auction house in London. A bronze sculpture of “Walking Man” by Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti, sold for nearly three times the pre auction estimate. A unknown bidder paid a staggering $104.3 million for the sculpture. What is also intriguing is this was not ancient nor a piece by Degas or Remington. “Walking Man” was cast in 1961 a relatively modern piece of art.

Storyboard Artists – Telling the Story One Pen Stroke at a Time

Storyboard artists, also known as illustrators, can take a written story, idea or concept and fill in the visual details. For example, the story may say that the superhero leaped into action.

Amazing Hand Painted Eggs – Popular Folk Art Form of Russia

The old traditional art form of Russia is magnificently colourful and unique in its characteristics. Russian folk art has enhanced people’s lives for many centuries and still people use them as antique handicrafts to decorate their homes. Painting eggs in Russia is an ancient as well as popular Easter tradition. It is also called Pisanki derived from the Slavic root pisa which relates to writing.

Photos on Canvas – Select the Best Company

The skill of photos on canvas is an old tradition in which pieces of art were created using their images. Today, with advancement of technology and in this digital world everything has become faster and the quality of production has also improved.

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