Cricut Design Space Projects - Pinterest Inspired

Cricut Design Space Projects – Pinterest Inspired

Giclee Fine Art Prints – An Affordable Alternative

It is often said that life is not complete without beauty. And where is beauty more evident than in art? Thus, from the wealthiest to the modest, one would more often than not invest in at least one piece of art. However, there are growing numbers of individuals who would like to build their own art collection but are hindered by the cost of an original piece.

Art is Business

Many people including myself grew up thinking that art is really about art. For many, the older we get, the more we either drift away from art, or realize that it is a business which some have cracked and others have not. In this article I want to share my business experience with artists who are trying to break into the business.

Video Editing – The Top 5 Programs to Use

A list of 5 great video editing programs to use. From expensive ones to more affordable.

Homer Prints

Homer prints represent great examples of the best art to come from America over the past few hundreds years and this article uncovers the qualities of Winslow Homer and examines why his watercolour prints and oil paintings have become so popular in his native America and abroad. His best known work remains the Fog Warning but others are included within this article.

The Huge Value in Sending Fine Art Greeting Cards to Your Friends

Have you ever wondered what would be the best sort of greeting card to send on all those special occasions? Did you know that your choice of card can bring so much more value to your friend than you would think? Read on to find out how you can be giving them a gift instead of just a card.

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