Cricut Design Space on an iPhone/iPad + Cut on Cricut Joy & Explore Air 2! (Cricut Kickoff Lesson 3)

Cricut Design Space on an iPhone/iPad + Cut on Cricut Joy & Explore Air 2! (Cricut Kickoff Lesson 3)

Canvas Printing Functionality

People often use adornments, ornaments, stucco molding and other decorations at their homes, because decorating one’s own place is appetite for beauty and comfort. The most widespread items of making your home look lovely are prints or paintings.

Controversial Stunning Banksy Canvas Art

Banksy’s works have evoked both criticism and appreciation. Their controversial subjects seem to draw the maximum attention.

Graphic Fashion Designer

Are you looking to create stunning graphic’s for the leading designer’s in the fashion design industry? Well be prepared to learn, what you need to become a fashion graphic designer also get great tips on how to land the job by following my professional tips and advice from insiders who have had years of experience in the fashion design industry.

How to Choose a Great Canvas Art Wall Picture

Canvas wall art is an exceptional art that can add beauty and elegance to the most lifeless of wall spaces. With its ability to bring stylish ambience to any interior choosing canvas wall art for yourself or others can be an inspiring process.

Water Soluble Oil Paints – Facts, Tips & Why I Use Them

We have all been taught that ‘oil and water do not mix’. However, rules are made to be broken in art and water soluble paints are rebels on the scene. But, there are still some purists who question whether or not these pigments are true oils, I assure you they are. In fact, I have been successfully executing my paintings using water soluble oils with professional results for nearly 10 years. Read on to learn the facts and tips about these amazing oils.

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