Cricut Design space for Beginners - Learning the basics to get started Tips and Tricks

Cricut Design space for Beginners – Learning the basics to get started Tips and Tricks

Styles of Greeting Cards and Invitations

The 21st Century has truly become the digital age, where text messages have replaced phone calls and emails have replaced letters. But one form of communication that is as popular as ever is the greeting card.

Discover the Art of Collecting Contemporary Art

Collecting art is an act of self-discovery. Take your time, but don’t be afraid to jump in and make your first acquisition. When you live with art you love, you transform your life. But be careful, because collecting art can be very seductive and addictive. Enjoy the adventure!

Water Color Painting – Skills Needed in Doing the Painting

Water Color Painting is not an easy task. Lots of practices and hard work need to be involved. If you have few watercolor paintings with you then you can make one.

Still Life – Paint the Shadows in the Still Life Painting

Shadows play a very important role in the still life paintings because they bring life to the drawing. If you look around the nature you shall hardly find any object, which does not hold a shadow. The shadow that I like is the simple cast shadow. If any object is supposed to block the light source or the sun the shadow will always be cased. The shadows which are based on the object that needs to be painted with the similar color of the object and a warm color can be added.

Drawing – Draw From Your Memory Or Imagination

Often people get confused in doing drawing with their imagination. This aspect is very different it has implications which you shall draw from using your brain. Drawing from the memory usually means that you are trying to recollect some of the real images that have been captured using your brain in the past tense, and you are trying your best to draw or even paint them.

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