Cricut Design Space for Beginners - Here's Where to Start

Cricut Design Space for Beginners – Here’s Where to Start

Modifying Primitives For Low-Resolution 3D Models

The other primary way of creating an efficient real-time mesh is to start with a primitive (preferably a multi-segmented cylinder or box) and manipulate the individual vertices to match the Template object. Modeling this way allows you to start with any detail model you want and either reduce or add geometry as needed. For modelers who prefer to model from the “inside-out,” using primitives for modeling is ideal.

Dealing With Limited Colors in 3D Modeling

Opinions abound on the subject of how to create a real-time environment by using 256 colors. Many people favor starting with a limited palette (pre-picking the colors that will be used) and making all Texture maps from those colors.

Oil Painting – Learn to Overcome the Silly Mistakes

Among all the styles in the painting world, oil painting is very popular. You have to be very careful while using oil paints because certain mistakes will ruin your artwork. If proper care is taken, almost all the mistakes can be rectified if you follow the simplest steps. The most difficult thing is in searching your mistakes which you will have to keep waiting till the painting dries for searching the mistakes. It is very much possible that cracks might appear if the painting will take very longer time in drying. Another most common defect which usually an artist faces is sinking as it is the most destructive mistake in oil painting.

Oil Painting Versus Printed Photograph

An oil painting is more likely to beautify your home and impress the guests than a printed photograph. Paintings paint our life with vibrant and dynamic colors and thus spread joy all around.

Master Artists

Master artists refers to the most famous artists over generations and centuries. Typically master artists is a term which refers to oil painters, normally in the post-middle ages. With being from the English language, Master artists also normally covers western artists, from the best known art movements. These can be renaissance, impressionist and more contemporary artists.

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