Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Critical Information That You Must Provide Your Embroidery Digitizer

Are you looking to get your company logo embroidered on a set of T-shirts, caps and jackets? If yes, then digitizing is the way to go.

Art Beyond Myself

Is there anything more or anything else our art can accomplish beyond ourselves? Or is it all about ourselves as artists? I want to make art beyond myself.

Best Graphic Designing Company

A picture is worth a thousand words” it is said, and rightly so! The very first thing that catches an eye is a picture before words and whenever someone hears of a brand name usually the first thing that comes to their mind is its logo.

How to Digitize Animal Designs

When you’re digitizing animal designs, it can seem challenging to make your designs look realistic. Often you feel like all you have are flat and boring designs, instead of embroidery that looks like it could come alive and run a way. To truly create a realistic design, you need to replicate the animal’s muscles and the direction of fur growth.

Visual Graphics for Super Star Creative Geniuses – We Need Better Tools

There is never enough time, and an abundance of projects you may never finish in this lifetime. This is the plight of an over-achiever Visual Graphic Artist and Creative Genius. This challenge isn’t new. In fact, Leonardo da Vinci had said he had only one regret in his life. That he was afraid he’d die of old age, before he completed all his projects, art work, and ideas. He was right to fear this, he died before he did, luckily he left some sketch books for us, and we’ve completed all those prototypes and taken his technology of the day to the next level.

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