Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

All About Andy Warhol Style Portraits

Andy Warhol (real name Andrew Warhola) was born in 1928 in the US, he was a painter, film maker and printmaker. Warhol as a pioneer of the visual art movement and partially created a style of art called Pop art. Pop art was an art movement that became famous in the mid to late 1950’s, it challenged traditional thought by using mass produced commodities of popular culture removed from their context and often in isolation and asserted these creations as art.

Impress Your Inner Circle With Impressionism

We have all heard of impressionism and perhaps even attended a showing at a museum of the foremost impressionists, but does that mean we want to have an impressionist painting in our homes? Does it appeal to our sensibilities? Impressionism is a study of light and its effects on mostly everyday subjects: a group of commuters waiting at a train stop for their conveyance to take them away to the working world, a gaggle of schoolchildren at play in the release from classes called recess or a couple discovering that romance is in their future as they snuggle on a park bench, all scenes that we have encountered throughout our lives.

How to Draw a Car

A lot of people will look at a sleek or sporty vehicle and wonder how to draw cars like that. There are a number of simple exercises required, however it does take time, so that initial interest is important to help with motivation. By learning some simple techniques you can see wonderful progress, and fantastic results.

Beginner’s Guide to Canvas Prints

You can decorate your house with beautiful looking photo to canvas paintings. An ideal kind of canvas is the one that has a very strong and durable frame, best quality print material and high quality inks to make sure that the prints remain in perfect condition for years.

Tips For Reproducing a Photo Onto Canvas

How good your house will look when you decorate your house with beautiful canvases your photos. The new digital age has made it possible to reproduce your photos on to canvas so that you can put them on display in your house.

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