Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Photo Retouching – Good Or Evil?

What is the future for the retouching industry? Does it have any useful purpose, or should we resign ourselves to its use as a tool for our manipulation by rich cosmetic companies?

Painting Lessons – Picking Your Medium

Painting is in most cases broken down in the major types “abstract” or “realistic”. However, the disparity between abstract and realistic painting techniques need not be complete. As long as abstract is just abstract and realistic just realistic, you’ll find that there’s absolutely no movement or growth.

Single Lens Reflex, Great Concept, Interesting History

There is a very interesting and surprising history of the single-lens-reflex technology which actually predates that of photography. While there is no precise history, instances of this principle go back as far as Aristotle describing the behavior of light, or Roger Bacon using the reflection to observe solar eclipses. The first recorded use of the term “camera obscura” was by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1604. However use of lens reflex was popular in the 18th century as a drawing aid, producing an image the artist could transcribe.

Beautiful Canvas Prints

Canvas prints which are produced from uploaded photos appear so pretty and beautiful to enchant every viewer. Now advancement in technology has enabled canvas printers to convert the most beautiful pictures and photos into wonderful canvas images.

Crystal Repair – Leave It Up To a Professional

Whether or not your crystal pieces are expensive Swarovski or Waterford collectibles or they simply have important sentimental value, damage that occurs to them can be devastating. The good news is that damaged crystal can be repaired, although it requires specialized knowledge and years of experience to do it right.

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