Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Online Comic Book Creators Break New Ground

It takes creative people to come up with the adventures that we read and get lost in on the pages of our favorite comic books. So it’s no wonder that this same creativity has resulted in a brand new wave of comic books that may never even see the printed page.

Why Asian Wall Art Stands Out

Asian wall art not only shows great art and the artists’ message, it also contains history and lessons of the past. If you know your history, Asia is the cradle of civilization and it is called that way for a reason.

The Inspiration for Illustrations – Vibrant Dazzling Paint Colors, Rich Hues and Vibrant Light

Art is inspired by children, dazzling colors, historical places and magical dreams. I like to paint illustrations that create a world of opportunity to expose children to other countries and cultures around the globe.

Giclee on Canvas – Long Lasting Prints

Giclee printing is process of printing an image on a canvas. Though the process might sound simple, it needs great precision and expertise to make a flawless Giclee on canvas print. Canvas of the highest quality is used for these reproductions to give them great finish and texture. Use of fade resistant ink ensures that the colors don’t lose their richness with passing years.

Steps Required To Create Beautiful Oil Paintings on Canvas

In all form of art paintings, oil painting on canvas is the most popular one that has begin since the 5th century, and it start booming on the 15th century. Here are some steps required to create beautiful oil paintings on canvas.

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