Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Class with Melody Lane

Essential Personal Tools For a Mixed Media Artist

Learn the essential tools for becoming a mixed media artist. Recognize how to use constructive criticism to bolster your future art. Learn how and where to come up with new ideas to put into your work. Realize how your own beliefs and opinions are vital to your creativity.

Believing in Your Art and Yourself

Learn why believing in your art and your talent is essential to your success as an artist. Recognize that you have a gift. Do not give up on your talent. Learn how to reach out to others to promote your work.

Using Tools Provided by the Virtual Reality Exporter

The Virtual Reality Exporter Exporter provides some special tools for managing your scene. These include the Polygon Counter, the Level of Detail Helper, and the Export dialog box. The Polygon Counter is an excellent little gadget that keeps count of the number of faces in the scene as a whole, as well as in the selected object or objects.

Using Tools Built Into Your 3D Application

You can reduce file size and increase performance in several ways, one of which is by careful management of the objects you create. Before you begin modeling a scene for the Web, set a face (polygon) “budget” appropriate for the complexity of the scene and then roughly portion out the number of faces for the different objects.

Creating Camera Views in 3D

Placing cameras in the scene is not, of course, a modeling technique per se, but it needs to be mentioned here because cameras are so useful in making a successful virtual world. The different cameras you create in your scene are listed by the virtual browser, usually in the menu that pops up when you right-click in the browser’s view port.

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