Cricut Design Space Class Q&A

Cricut Design Space Class Q&A

How to Draw a Leopard

Leopards are beautifully skinned big cats, renowned for their secretive and elusive nature. Typical of most cats, leopards are solitary animals that hunt at night. Shrewd trappers, they are the strongest climbers among the large cats and are capable of killing preys larger than they are. A leopard has a very striking coat with an ochre background and rosettes for camouflaging.

How to Draw a Jaguar

The jaguar belongs to the Panthera Genus, resembling panther in appearance, but much larger. Among all the big cats, it stands third in terms of size and strength. Its behavior is similar to that of tigers and is found across Mexico to Central America and from Paraguay to Argentina.

How to Draw a Cougar

Cougars are big, slender, tan colored cats with large feet and well-built limbs. Identified as solitary cats, cougars are also called mountain lion, panther, or puma. Highly territorial in nature, their predatory techniques are at par to domestic cats, as they screen themselves for a surprise attack on prey.

How to Draw a Skunk

Skunks are shy creatures, renowned for their pungent and powerful predator-deterrent – an irremovable, foul-smelling spray. The spray is a greasy fluid produced by the scent glands present under its large curly tail, on the either side of their anal sphincters.

Art Licensing Tip – Marketing Art With Tear Sheets

A great way to market your art is to send tear sheets to manufacturers. This article discusses what to put on tear sheets, formatting them and the number to send.

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