Cricut Design Space Class | Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Class | Melody Lane

Color Basics in the Arts and Design Procedures

Science Graphic Design Basics Tutorial Color in the Arts and Design Procedures. Colors can be defined in an objective / physical as the nature of the light emitted, or a subjective / psychological as part of the sensory experience of vision. Objectively or physically, the color can be given by long waves. Viewed from the wavelength of light visible to the eye is one form of radiant energy of the narrow part of the electromagnetic wave. The light can be captured human senses has a wavelength of 380 to 780 nanometers. Nanometer range of light between the two can be parsed through a glass prism into a rainbow of colors called a spectrum or color of light, began to beam the light purple, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, to red.

Never Judge an eBook by Its JPG Image

You know the old adage, “Never judge a book by its cover”? Of course, however unfairly, everyone DOES form an instant impression of the contents of a book from the design of the cover. People by their very nature make instant judgments in all manner of situations especially using visual first impressions. If this is true of a regular printed book, then it is even more so when people form an impression of an eBook when seeing the digital image that illustrates it. Since you cannot use tactile or other sensory input, you literally only have that single image to inform you of the potential merit of the eBook.

Banksy Fallen Angel

Banksy has created so many different pieces of art, all with different mediums and messages. Banksy has commercialized street art without selling it out; he has become the idol for many aspiring artists, and although he spray painted his way to the most well known graffiti artist, there are several works (not limited to street art) that are incredibly popular even today, roughly three decades after Banksy first appeared from the underground scene in Bristol.

Mark Rothko As a Spiritual Artist

About twelve years ago, I was employed by a local modern art museum as a gallery guard. Security was my job. I was to ensure that children did not climb on, grab, yank, pull down, or lick any of the pieces.

How to Draw a Gecko

Geckos are average sized lizards, living mostly in the hot areas of the world. They occur in various shapes and colors, like green, pink, brown, and white. Geckos are known to blend in any environment, have a rubbery texture, and are equipped with a unique adaptation feature of holding on to any surface without the use of liquid and surface pressure. There are around 2000 different species of geckos existing throughout the world. Some of them have special toe pads to help them crawl over indoor ceilings.

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