Cricut Design Space Class | Melody Lane

Cricut Design Space Class | Melody Lane

2D to 3D Conversion for Lenticular Printing

Traditionally, making a 3D lenticular print requires taking multiple pictures of the same scene along a straight line. The pictures are then interlaced together to create a lenticular print. However, obtaining the source images this way requires very careful planning ahead of time and it is not always feasible due to various environmental limitations and constraints. Hence, converting a 2D picture into a 3D image easily has been the interest of the lenticular printing industry for years.

Bauhaus’ Adventure

Bauhaus was an important artistic movement, influencing greatly the mainstream philosophy on housing for a long period of time. Originating in Germany, the brutality of the WWII forced many of the members of the school to flee Europe, marking the history of architecture of the United States or the state of Israel.

Don’t Let Potential Customers Skip Your Business by Using Open Signs

Even if your business is situated near a busy intersection, this doesn’t always guarantee that it will prosper. People these days always seem to be in a rush. And, if your storefront window is devoid of an effective advertising unit plastered in it, these people can end up walking right past your store. So, don’t let all these potential customers skip your business. With the help of open signs, you can have their immediate attention, have them enter your place and get them buying your goods or taking advantage of your services later on.

Advertise Your Private Firm With the Help of Income Tax Neon Signs

Advertising is crucial to the operation of the business. This is particularly important if you are running a private firm. Flagging customers is very easy especially if people know what goods or merchandise you have to offer. They simply have to enter the establishment and take a look at the products that they like. They may even choose to make a purchase or not during their visit.

Cinema 4D – Getting More Help With the Content Browser

Cinema 4D offer a comprehensive online help system that is easy to use, easy to search, and provides examples and context references. It has many other powerful tools that will help you and one of the primary helpers is the content browser. This tool searches through all the presets, the materials, the plugins, the preset scenes. There is so much here you will find yourself getting lost keeping up with all the great examples and trying to find ones you used before. It’s easy to get lost with so many links and references but with a good handle on using the content browser, you will be found!

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