Cricut Design Space Class - Ask Me Questions!

Cricut Design Space Class – Ask Me Questions!

How to Find Design Inspiration in Five Ways

There are many creative professionals out there like designers, actors or singers. As a starter, you will have your moments when you feel glassy-eyed and uninspired. You wait for inspiration to hit you, hopeful that your big break will come one day.

Communication in Visual Art

Communication is an important aspect of human life. One could imaging what the world could have been when no one has any means of communication. In view of this, there are different forms of communication and visual art is one among. This article, discusses visual art as form of communication for the purpose of change. The inability to understand it lost it essence in the society.

Six Simple Ways to Avoid Graphic Design Disaster

My friend Dave, who has a small contracting business, was telling me about the design firm he had hired to do his website, logos and business cards. “It’s turned into a darn disaster-a graphic design DISASTER!” he lamented. After playfully chiding him for not asking me for help in the first place, I told him to immediately dismiss this firm, and to find a new one, pronto, using these six simple ways to avoid a graphic design disaster:

Web Graphics Reseller: What Is It?

Future technology is constantly changing, and as these changes occur, we the people need to keep up with the latest trends and ideas. New ideas for the future are only meant to better our lives in some way or the other.

Airbrushing Is Extremely Popular at Events and Not Just for Children

Wow! You should see the faces on young and old when they experience live airbrushing at an event.

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