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Cricut Cutie Hot Air Balloon | Melody Lane

Blek Le Rat Is Banksy’s Inspiration

French street artist Blek le Rat paved the way for Banksy having painted political graffiti since the early eighties. Paris-born Blek le Rat, real name Xavier Prou, is considered by commentators to be the godfather of stencil graffiti having started his campaign of guerilla art on the walls of the French capital in 1981. Blek le Rat took inspiration from the New York graffiti scene and created his own style by painting a sequence of stenciled rats around the streets of Paris before taking his art nationwide to Toulouse, Lyon and Marseille.

Mixed Media Painting Tips

I have been painting for approximately 10 years now. I first started with acrylics but have more recently dabbled in watercolours. I have always loved texture in my art work but could never afford to buy oil paints. I consider myself quite a resourceful person and this has led me to think out of the box. I will hopefully enlighten you as to some of my more creative ideas which you may want to incorporate into your own pieces.

How to Get Your Name Out There As an Artist

As a kid I had always been arty and creative. I think being an only child forced me to entertain myself and drawing for fun was cheap and easy.

Banksy Proves Popular With Collectors

Banksy prints are popular with collectors because work by the artist nearly always increases in value. One collector purchased a “corrupted” oil painting for 700 several years ago that is expected to fetch as much as 500,000 at an auction exhibiting a range of work from Banksy prints to originals, reported the London Evening Standard. The artwork in question is part of a series of subverted oil paintings and displays a military helicopter, a typical Banksy trademark, stencilled over a tranquil seaside scene.

How to Make Attractive Canvas Prints From Travel Photos

You may have been to favorite travel destinations with your family and friends. The photos shot there have valuable memories that can be displayed beautifully in your drawing room.

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