Cricut Cutie Costumes

Cricut Cutie Costumes

Tanjore Paintings – South Indian Way to Show Devotion to God

Originated in the Thanjavur during the Maratha period in the 16th century, Tanjore paintings signify a unique and colorful world. This one of the popular forms of South India depicts the scenes from Indian ancient scriptures of Hindu religion.

Abstract Paintings Are Truly Fine Art

Are you an art fan? Abstract paintings are something you’d appreciate.

Vintage Prints

Vintage prints are great choices for those looking to jazz up there home or office and certain artists have become closely linked to a movement loosely termed vintage art. This article discusses the merits of this art style and mentions many of the most famous vintage artists.

The Starving Artist

It is very tough to be an artist in today’s economy. If you have not been able to change over time, then you will probably not be able to. The competition and the hurdles out there just may be more than one would like to handle.

How to Get Internet Exposure For Your Art

Are you an artist and struggling to get people to find your work? There are several ways to get your art noticed, some are free and others require a small fee. Here are a list of ways to get noticed and to increase your search engine traffic.

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