Cricut Crafty Video!

Cricut Crafty Video!

Farm-Fresh Design – Finding Home Interior Design Ideas at the Farmers’ Market

You could buy your groceries in a big, fluorescently-lit, super-air-conditioned grocery store, not knowing where the produce was grown, or how far it had to be trucked and flown in, or when it was plucked from the ground. Or you could buy in an open-air market directly from the farmer who grew the produce, surrounded perhaps by musicians, the smell of fresh tamales cooking, or your neighbors bustling about.

Render Cars in Photoshop Tips

Photoshop can be a hard program to use and rendering cars can be difficult. But, don’t worry, I have a few tips that could help you out a bit.

Business Card Design – Color and Composition

Graphic design is a very temperamental thing. The smallest things can make all the difference. Often times the wrong color, the wrong typeface and even the wrong font size can make or break a design. The real difference between a very professional looking business card and a card that looks like it was designed by your 5 year old son is very subtle.

Why Buying Art Gallery Sculptures Can Be a Rewarding Investment

Frederic Remington is one of the most widely collected and reproduced artist of the 21st Century. You can find many dealers advertising and selling Remington bronze sculptures such as his famous, Bronco Buster, Mountain Man, Trooper of the Plains, and Coming Through the Rye. Prices advertised in the few hundred dollar range to a few thousand dollars. However genuine art bronzes by Remington are very rare and command impressive prices in the market place.

Using Vector Clip Art

Do you know the difference between clip art and vector clip art? If not then discover how you can use digital graphics to create eye catching presentations, digital scrapbooks or use them in traditional paper projects.

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