Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

How to Draw Cartoon Caricatures

Caricature is one of the oldest and most popular forms of drawing, usually executed as pen or pencil sketches. For long, it has been a powerful tool for political sarcasm and comic representation of some current issues.

Go Ahead Artists – Give Up!

The lesson I am inspired to share isn’t about my business, but more of a life lesson that serves me in all areas. I believe it can serve other artists equally as well.

Taking Care of Fine Art

Most of us enjoy the fine arts but don’t expect to have any art ourselves. The high price of art makes it impossible to bring home. We would like to enjoy the same scenery as others with bigger pocketbooks.

Brief History of Venetian Murano Glass

Until now it was not possible to determine precisely when the Venetian glass industry had its origins. One possible speculation linked its first manifestations to transfer into those islands of the Venetians who had lived in Roman flourishing centers of the Adriatic coast, from Adria to Altino, and that there had learned the techniques of Roman glassworking. 982 goes back to a document signed by a certain Domenico, as attested by the notary, had practiced as “fiolario”, ie the production of blown glass cables, particularly bottles, in fact, called “fiole”.

Overcoming Creative Blocks When Creating Design Work Or Canvas Art

Creative block can be an infuriating experience to any creative person. Luckily there are several tricks and techniques to help you overcome the block and get back into the flow of producing exceptional and imaginative work. In this article I give you five tried and tested techniques to help you shift from creative inertia to creative freedom.

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