Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

The Unknown Artist

Hello, and welcome. I have chosen my favourite artist, there are a few reason’s he is my favourite, the main reason being he is a artist who lives near me and also doesn’t do his art for self profit. His name is Banksy.

Going Green With Oil and Acrylic Paints

If you have strong environmental leanings, and you are an artist, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your medium. Both oil and acrylic have their pros and cons.

Flower Art – Why Artists Love to Paint Flowers

Flowers have long been a favorite subject for artists. Monet’s Water Lillies and Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are among some of the most famous paintings in modern day society. The diversity of flowers enables artists to experiment with different colors and techniques. Each interpreting their beauty in their own personal and unique way.

Using Diamond Drills For Stone Carving

The conception of fine art is something that has been pursued by several people all through human history. For a few, the purpose of art is to come up with masterpieces that can be admired by several and sold to the public to further encouragement of their study and development of the arts. For others, art is a instrument of escape used by an individual to free them selves of the stresses that are generated in life.

Expressing Yourself Through Stone Masonry

Stone masonry could be a trade that has been used by mankind since the first structures were developed. It’s a skill which has served in many functions including construction, worship and even art.

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