Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

How to Draw a Rat

Belonging to the genus Rattus & the large Muroid Family, rats are rodents that originated in Asia, but their various sub-species are now found all over the world. In Hindu mythology, rat holds an important significance. It enjoys the stature of being the vehicle of Hindu God of wisdom Lord ‘Ganesha’ and is always found next to His statue & images.

How to Draw a Crocodile

Crocodiles are the oldest reptiles (200 million years old) that resemble a huge lizard. Undoubtedly the most intimidating of all reptiles, crocodiles are divided into 23 different species with the biggest ones called ‘saltwater crocodile’ and the smallest, ‘dwarf crocodile.’

History of Patchwork and Quilting – Increasing Your Knowledge

Quilting and patchwork are known to exist from the 14th century when it was thought as the basic need for the people. Ancient people consider patchwork as to patch up pieces and bits together to design curtains, bed sheets, or to repair a torn dress.

Digital Photo Manipulation – Is it Art?

Digital photo manipulation for artistic creations has its own history, also reaching far back into the early life of photography. Long before the early development of digital media, and the resulting computer hardware and software, that transformed the ease and the depth of manipulation achievable for politics and art, artists physically transformed their images through simple collage.

How to Draw Realistic Eyes From a Bad Photo

Have you ever been asked to draw a portrait but the only photo available was small and of poor quality? In those situations the temptation is to decline the job, but try doing a study instead.

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