Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

Art Through the Eyes of a Child

I found a close friend. It was one of the few books that we brought with us. A small album of art reproductions from Hermitage collection. I remember how I would sit for hours looking through its pages. I was looking at ancient Russian icons and paintings by Durer, at Leonardo and Raphael, at Rembrandt, Titian, Velazquez and Vermeer.

Why is Modern Canvas Art So Popular?

One of the prime reasons behind the development of modern canvas art in the arts and crafts industry is because it was a deviation from the cliched and routine traditional masterpieces. Artists incorporate their own understanding to what is desired. Art is actually blended of ones inner thoughts and the master’s expertise. As a whole, modern canvas art is an amalgamation of art and reality.

Teaching Graphic Design in a Digital Age

It is necessary to focus on how the teaching of graphic design is governed and managed in Jordan. Graphic design is a relatively new practice to Jordan and the Arab world. This is especially true of the skill of teaching Graphic Design as unlike other branches of art, Graphic Design does not have strengthened roots or an identity as part of the Arab culture.

Western Art – Multistable Perception – When Effects Are Varying

In broad terms, Multistable Perception is a phenomenon, where more than one perception is created by using an ambiguous stimulus. Commonly associated with visual, the perception can also be in the terms of sound and smell. In the visual domain, an object, picture, or pattern is created in such a way that its structure can be viewed in many ways. The equivocal designs make it difficult for the brain to fixate on the interpretation of a unique structure, due to conflicting sensory signals it receives. Consequently, it keeps switching between the alternative stable views, making the interchange a dynamic process.

Western Art – Neo-Primitivism – A Contemporary Edge to Primitvism

Neo-Primitivism – The History After Russian painter and art theorist Aleksandr Shevchenko published his book ‘Neo-Primitivism’ in 1913, a completely new genre in art was formed with the same name. However, other accounts suggest vice-versa. According to them, Neo-Primitivism began much earlier, with its official launching in 1909, at the third ‘Golden Fleece Exhibition.’ The art form is said to span over 1907 through 1912. Although, it was primarily a Russian art movement, it became equally popular in the Western nations. Neo-Primitivism was fundamentally a radical modern sect with primitive style executions and therefore, named so.

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