Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

Cricut Crafty Video with Melody Lane

What Makes a Great Oil Painting

There are several factors you should be aware of when deciding to purchase a piece of painted art. Some of these include: A certain level of detail, quality brush work, a sense of depth, emotional value, and originality. Use these criteria and more in helping you make a decision about purchasing a piece of art.

Variations of Calligraphy

Almost all calligraphy is old calligraphy. Calligraphy is a style of writing that originated thousands of years ago dating back to 600 B.C.

New Ideas For Decorative Mailboxes

You would think that you are stuck buying somebody else’s design when trying to spiff up your mailbox but there are some alternatives. One thing that you can do is paint the box. Most mailboxes are aluminum and will accept paint.

A Guide to Purchasing Original Fine Art Paintings

How can you tell if a painting is worth the asking price? Spending a significant amount of money to purchase a piece of original art can be risky. It may be an amazingly painted image, but how long will that painting last? What kind of canvas is it painted on? How many coats of gesso are on the canvas or linen and what type?

How to Achieve More Depth and Lighting Effects in Your Oil Paintings

Remember, it’s better to shade down in semi transparent layers instead of slapping down a big wad of dark paint in order to make a shadow area. Using a 50 – 50 mix of cold pressed linseed oil and an alkyd resin is a very effective way to achieve a good glazing medium for layered painting.

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