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Cricut Crafty Video

Posters Have an Interesting History

Posters have an interesting history and are a big contributor to the effort to spread art and communication to the masses. They’ve also been around in one form or another since the days of William Shakespeare, when posters of a certain type were hand drawn and put up all about town to advertise the latest play by Shakespeare. Since then, their history has only gotten more interesting.

Taking Your 3D Application to the Limit – Rendering Effects

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of 3D rendering is the proper use of lighting and cameras. All too often renderings or animations remind you that many people simply do not grasp the key concepts of showcasing the virtual world. Sometimes they blame the software they used.

A Feel For Field of View in the 3D World

While Point of View (POV) determines the perspective from which you view your subject, FOV, or field of view, determines how much of your subject you actually see and what’s around it. Much like POV, FOV can enhance or ruin your scene if too much or too little is captured in the frame. You can easily test if your field of view is too narrow or too wide by asking someone to view your image or animation.

Selecting the Proper Point of View in the 3D World

POV, or point of view, is the point from which the camera views a scene. Camera placement, whether it be real or virtual, can produce radically different results. When establishing POV, you must think about several things:

A Note About Aspect Ratios in the 3D World

You will notice that when you use the Render Scene dialog box, there are options for rendering to fields, but more important are the Rendering Resolution and Pixel Aspect Ratio settings. Typically, video rendering output resolution hovers right at about 720 x 480.

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